DV4 Mini

There are two mini's one is UHF and other one is a dual bander does VHF and UHF

 All the screen shots below are set to run DMR+ on

    talk group 4639


1. on the main page this is called  a control screen

2. you need a DMR number for this to it will not work with out this number.

3. if you have more than one number you need to use the lowest number.

4. you need to pick the mode DSTAR, DMR +,C4FM, and P25

5. you different radio's to work these mod's.

5. pick the mod and frequency receive and transmitte (see the screen shots)

you need to set all these different area above

above pick you DMR+ server

 Above this is where you install new firmware

 Above if your Audio is distorted adjust from this screen choose 100- and up. If you have the latest software and firmware you do not need to do this setup.



4750  ,  4751 , 4752  , 4753



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